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The mission of the Herb & Spices organization is to construct new international spice supply chains that are equitable, transparent, and traceable. What began as an exporting and retailing firm for specialized goods in Nairobi, Kenya is now one of the most established herb and spice exporters in the world. At the Herbs & spices organization, our superior quality standards, services, and core principles keep us at the top.

At the Herb & Spices organization, quality is a way of life. We are proud of the fact that food safety is our first focus. This means that we utilize our laboratory for quality assurance to ensure the prevention and reduction of microbiological and pathogen hazards. We take an active role in adhering to government regulations around the world, and we are the first to respond when these requirements are modified. To prevent risks and other safety issues with our goods, we educate and update our personnel on industry news and developments on a regular basis.

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As wholesalers, we offer quantities of 500 kg and higher.

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